Opening in 2017



The sum of experiences between John and James means a variety of beers including ales, pale ales, stouts and IPAS. Sometimes, a dry hard cider will make an appearance. The Wakarusa Brewery will offer a few flagship beers with a mix of crafted seasonals.



Mead is one of the oldest fermented beverage ever produced. Made famous by the vikings, but mentioned in the earliest Sumerian text of which we have record. The Wakarusa Brewery plans to have vanilla cinnamon and ginger chamomile meads available on a regular basis. Various fruit meads will be available seasonally with fruit from local farms.




  • Purchase Building
  • Demo Ceiling, & Lighting
  • Take Down Antique Store Shelving
  • Structural Reinforcement on North Wall
  • Demo existing bathroom
  • Install Piping Supports on South Wall
  • Install New 200 Amp Electrical Panel
  • Repair Facade of Building
  • Paint Exterior
  • Get House in Olathe Ready to Sell
  • Frame Bathroom & Storage Room
  • Install New Roof
  • Install Insulation for Bar
  • Install 4ft Fire Rated Ceiling along perimeter of South Wall
  • Clean & Sand Exposed Joists in Bar Area
  • Install 100 Amp Sub-Panel in Utility Room
  • Install Sewage Sump Pit
  • Install Sewage Line from Bathrooms to Sewage Sump
  • Install Drywall for Interior Walls of Bar & Restrooms
  • Finalize HVAC Drawings for Bar
  • Install HVAC for Bar
  • Stucco Repairs to North & South Walls of Bar
  • Route Water, Gas, and Electrical Through Pipe Chase
  • Paint Bar Area
  • Tile Bathrooms
  • Install Sinks and Toilets in Bathrooms
  • Install Sewage Sump and Connect to City Sewage Main
  • Connect to City Water Main
  • Paint Floor in Bar Area
  • Install Lighting & Ceiling Fans in Bar
  • Rebuild Wall Joists in Kettle Room, Add Cross Joists at Ceiling - November
  • Fabricate Bar
  • Install Gas Service Entrance
  • Install Drywall for Fermentation & Kettle Rooms
  • Stucco North Wall in Fermentation & Kettle Rooms
  • Install Lighting in Fermentation & Kettle Rooms
  • Paint Fermentation & Kettle Rooms
  • Fabricate Tables
  • Apply for Financing to Cover Equipment - In Process
  • Remaining Timeline Dependent on Outcome of Financing Discussions
  • Finish Employee Bathroom - In Process
  • Install Floor Drains
  • Install HVAC for Fermentation Room
  • Install Exhaust Hood w/ Make-up Air in Kettle Room
  • Install Kegerator(s) & point of sale computer
  • Install Brewing Equipment
  • Paint Lettering on Sign


John's Story

The best place to start this story is with my love of craft beer. On my 21st birthday, I had a barbecue at the lake and invited all my friends. I brought a goat and four 30-packs of Miller High Life Light and told all my friends to bring some side dishes. Many of my friends and family - mocking my choice of cheap beer - decided to bring me 6-packs of various craft beers. I went home that night with half a goat and about a dozen or more different craft beers. From that point on, I started exploring the world of craft beer every chance I had. During the remainder of my college years, I spent a lot of time at Free State Brewery. The first job I accepted out of college was in St. Louis, where I lived down the street from Schlafly Bottleworks for a year. I then returned to Kansas City and began frequenting Swagger and the Flying Saucer. In 2010, a couple of my co-workers began homebrewing. At first, I thought that homebrewing would take up too much space in my house, but eventually I was talked into buying a starter kit from Groupon. In December 2010, I brewed my first stout. Soon after the first stout followed my first IPA, Belgian Dubbel, agave IPA, coffee stout, dry hopped hefeweizen, barleywine, cider, imperial hazelnut coffee stout, caramel chamomile ale, ginger chamomile mead, peanut butter stout and an oak aged bourbon IPA. In the face of my initial concerns, I began to fill my house with carboys full of fermented beverages and bottles waiting to be filled. By my third batch, I decided to stop following other recipes; however, it wasn’t until the bourbon IPA that I decided to start writing my own. Up until that point, I was just having fun throwing things into the kettle to see what happened, and I never took it that seriously. After brewing and drinking the bourbon IPA with my friend Justin, I decided that I wanted to start a brewery somewhere down the road. I didn’t know when it would actually be possible, but I started keeping track of my recipes. Over the next year, I worked on refining past recipes which hadn’t yet been written down. In addition to beer, I began exploring cider and various styles of mead.

James's Story

My story starts with John introducing me to my first craft beer, Schlaffly’s Oatmeal Stout. It was awesome! That’s when I became fascinated by craft beers. I’ve tried hundreds of beers, looking for something new, exotic, perfect, or something that I can emjoy after a hard day's work. That’s why I brew beer. Because I want to find something perfect, something beautiful, and something I can share with everyone. When making beer, I usually stick with IPAs, pale ales, and dark stouts. But I try out wheats and lighter ales from time to time. I like to experiment with different beers, sometimes a little crazy, but that’s the fun part. Generally, I tend to add extra hops to anything I brew. I enjoy higher alcohol beers such as barley wines and imperial stouts, but also enjoy those really low alcohol beers such as some pale ales. I like to think that in beer, the lower the alcohol, the more I can enjoy... If it tastes good, of course.

The Making of Wakarusa Brewery

From the point we decided to open a brewery, we started keeping an eye on commercial real estate sites. Toward the end of 2012, an affordable location popped up in downtown Eudora, Kansas. It was an abandoned antique mall in need of structural repairs, a new roof, new bathrooms, new lighting, new HVAC, new electrical service, and new plumbing.  We purchased this building January 15, 2013, and we've been working on it since then.  It's been a long project, we we're getting closer to the end, and we're really looking forward to tapping the first keg.


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